I love Jesus, sunsets and Starbucks! I am blessed to be a Wife to an amazing man and Mother to 2 wonderful little girls (Lucy and Lainey). I'm a childhood cancer survivor which led me to my first career as a Pediatric Nurse. Last year I diagnosed with breast cancer and I underwent a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery. I am happy to have recovered and am back to doing what I am passionate about. I love empowering teens and women, which is why I love taking photos of seniors, dance and maternity. Making people feel beautiful is something I aim to do!  I want to help capture your memories.

 God has truly blessed me and my business by bringing me into contact with the right people. I feel so happy in life when I get to meet seniors who are about to spread their wings and fly or new Mom's and families to help document their journey! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trusting me with your memories!

My name is Maria. I am a Photographer in Cincinnati, Ohio. I love photographing Seniors, Dance, and Maternity Photography.


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quick facts about me

You will often find me on the side of the road stopping to take a photo of the most beautiful sunset! I am a chaser of light.  I love flowers and all the details that the world has to bring! I love the innocence of the child twirling in a pretty dress and the sound of the birds chirping in the morning! 
Photo courtesy of Sarah Lewis

more about me

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I have been happily married to Mike for 10 years. We actually eloped in Las Vegas with just a few of our friends.  We live just north of Cincinnati in the quiet neighborhood of Liberty Twsp. We have two girls, Lucy who is 11 and Lainey who is 11. Yes, they are only 14 months apart and we get asked if they are twins almost every time we are out! They attend Mother Teresa and we are so happy with the community there! We also have three dogs, a 6 year old yellow lab, named Crosley, a 3yr old black lab named Rosie, and Roxy, a 3yr old German Shepherd. We attend Crossroads Church in Mason, Oh and I am very involved with the ministries there! My husband and I are both physically active,  love the gym and working out and live a low carb lifestyle. My daughter Lucy, is a competitive gymnast at Cincinnati Gymnastics. Lainey plays club volleyball, sand volleyball and school volleyball!  If there is anything else you want to know, just ask!  Thanks for visiting my page!

Meet my family

I have been married to Mike for 12 years.
We have two girls, Lucy, 11 and Lainey, 9.We also have 2 labs, one yellow and one black a
German Shepard. Yes, we are crazy!

Photos by: Dana Nicole Photography  (St.Pete Beach, FL)

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