The COVID Pandemic: And Why NOW is the BEST time to Preserve Memories 

We are all too familiar with COVID, quarantine and being cooped up in the house for months on end.  And if you live anywhere like me, in Cincinnati, Ohio, things are just now getting “back to normal”.  Well, a “new normal” that is.  One where we have to wear a mask every time we enter a public store, use hand sanitizer after we leave and wash our hand like a surgeon getting ready to perform surgery!  Oh, and constantly remind our kids “DON’T TOUCH THAT” while in the store in fear that they may get corona on them!  Well, I’m not personally that extreme, I’m somewhere in between, I’m more worried about the looks I’ll get from others if my kids are touching things!  UGH! It’s so frustrating!  BUT, back to the point of this blog.  NOW more than EVER, it is more important to preserve memories with your family.  Memories with your kids.  Your kids that are in dance, or sports. Your kids senior year.  The poor kids last year didn’t even get one.  Well, it got drastically cut short in every single way in a way that was totally UNFAIR!  Now is the time.  You don’t want to wait one more minute!  You never know when the government is going to take it all away from you!  Issue another mandatory shutdown of all the things. And just like that: the sports season, the dance competitions are done.  Your child’s prom: DONE. Graduation and walking across the stage to receive their hard earned diploma: NOPE, not happening. Now is the time to reach out to me and schedule your session.  Many moments in time can never be captured again.  Don’t wait. You never know when some moments will be gone.  Let me be a part of capturing these special moments for you today! I can’t wait to meet you! 

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