Tips for Senior Photos

Senior portraits are a fun way to mark a huge milestone in your life: Your graduation from high school.

That said, senior photos are unique to you! An entire photo session dedicated to YOU.  Do you love sports? Your car? How about dance or theater? Let’s incorporate that into your senior session!

Plan out your outfits ahead of time.

If you’re planning to wear some items you already have, be sure to try everything on before your session. Stuff that doesn’t fit or look so good on you in those photos can definitely take away from what would have been amazing looks!

Bring along your dog.

Pets are family members, too! And like other members of your family, pets can add to your sense of happiness and provide you with comfort and joy. If you have a dog at home, think about bringing it with you to your session. The more people in your family who love you, the better chance you have of having photos taken.

Wear something bright.

I know, what’s with all the colors? But you may be surprised how primary colors can stand out your senior photos! Solid colors for the WIN! 

Relax and be yourself.

What can I say? Just relax! We are here to have fun, I promise I don’t bite.  But don’t worry about posing or adjusting to the camera. The more comfortable you feel, the better your shots will turn out.

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